Are You Liberated?

Do you even know what that means? Not the word, but the feeling.Do you have moments of just Being? Can you take a leap of faith? Can you bring a new idea to your mind without restructuring its contents to fit what you think will work or what you think someone won’t laugh at? What I’m getting at is can you let yourself dream and brainstorm – literally wind whipping in, through, and around the passages in your mind – without judging anything. Could you put it in writing? Do you keep a notebook that you can access anytime? If you do, you’re set. Congratulations!

For the rest of us – and I include myself in this learning curve – or circle sometimes I think it feels like that – matters of freedom, the importance of nurturing our own thoughts, the light that we alone bring to the world needs to be allowed breathing room in all the rush to judgement that is our daily life.

How often are you with your peers, your coworkers, your family and you let one of your helpful thoughts go by? Or how often do you cast it in a different light, one that you feel will have more weight in your world? Are you cranky and willful when you want to say something else? Are you easy-going and will do whatever everyone else wants? How often do you just state your truth and listen? You’ve been trained like the rest of us to go along, to compromise, to restrain yourself. My father used to tell me all the time how much easier it was when he was the only one making the decisions. He was right, of course, it was easier, although it ruled out (and ruled!) the lives of quite a few people!

When you’re young, you need to go along and do what adults say but as we become our own adults our needs must be met. We must love and respect ourselves, give ourselves the benefit of a doubt, not look in the mirror with the scorn that may be a past story. It may seem antithetical to say the more we love and respect ourselves, the more loveable and respectable we are, but it is true.  Look in the mirror and you will see the only person who can really support and protect you. Love and support that person and you will have peace within yourself. Treat that person badly and you will never know love.

When you let others’ lives and truths and words take yours over, you are living a very complicated life, fooling yourself that you actually know them or they are really telling you the truth themselves. The build up is exponential and it starts the minute you don’t give yourself space to breath and know yourself. Mostly we say words to control or for our own security – will they love me etc. It takes courage to know who you are, to accept and love who you are, to show yourself without being overbearing, whiny or giving up.

The steps to liberation are not easy but they are simple. Meditation, acceptance and compassion when focused on yourself and those around you – everyone, no exceptions! – will take you a long way toward your liberation. From there your job, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, teachers and coworkers all look better. Even the person behind the counter telling you you can’t do what you want – get on the flight, see the movie, rent the car – will seem to have a job to do, just a job. They are human just like you, you might even be them and be the one in a position to tell them they can’t do something, have something.

Be the person you want to be with. You’ll have the time of your life!

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