In These Changing Times We’re Steady

That should be a question. Are you as steady as you can be? Are you consistent? Do you make a plan and then stick to it? Can people count on you?

If you can answer yes to those questions – read no further. Congratulations, you are in the .0000001 percentile of  people who wake up in the morning.

Here are five ways to make yourself more reliable:

1. Look at yourself and what you do, have done and plan to do with the utmost respect and love. Tell yourself how valuable you are and that you couldn’t get anywhere without you.

2. Take the time to make a plan, a commitment to yourself  to do the stuff you say you will, be your own best friend. I don’t have to say it but then you’ll be everyone else’s too.

3. Be accountable. Check every day to see how you’ve done. Each night while you await sleep, take a moment to reflect on the day. It will set up the next day – but only if you are open and committed to non-judgement and a compassionate affection for yourself.

4. Do one thing at a time – yes, you can do something while waiting for something else. Do what you are doing and don’t do anything else while you are doing that.

5. Take a breath, a break. Every hour, make sure you notice your breath for 1 minute. Shift your position. Do something a different way. If you open letters with one hand, do it with the other. If you always lean to one side while waiting for something to boot up, lean the other way.

These are important. If you really do them you will see a change in yourself and if you see a change other people will too. One of the reasons you’ll change is that you will trust yourself more. You won’t be in so much resistence to what you are doing, what you’ve planned. You’ll be a better partner for yourself. And do I have to repeat that if you are there for you, you’ll be there for me and everyone else. Most of us reading this work by ourselves. We don’t have a lot of measurements or grades to see how we’re doing, how much we fit in or don’t. It’s important to know that we’ll be there for ourselves, that we won’t be expecting endless hours of work, there will be breaks, there’s an acknowledgement that we’re human. One of my mentors says the most important object on her desk is her timer. It tells her when to take a break. Be a good employer, give yourself a break. You’ll work better and smarter, the world will look cheery from where you sit.

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