A Mind At Peace

A Mind At Peace

“A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

When we are in the middle of a huge ad campaign, when we are focused on our selling, our writing, our parenting, our business, our buying, our driving, our belonging and communicating verbally or any way we don’t have to commute away from this very strong reminder of what many philosophies call Right Action.

Our being centered on our highest goal(s) is the key to keeping the mind mosquitoes from biting us while we are going about our dailies, accomplishing or trying to accomplish our aims. Are we thinking about how high these aims are? Are we focused always on the “Big Picture?” No, not necessarily – but only if we keep our selves in line with our Selves.

Are we nervous when we’re making a plan for a business deal, an ad campaign? Are we looking over our shoulder, do we jump when the phone rings? Are we grumbly when it rings? These are signs we are not taking care of our biggest efforts to achieve the goals we dream of. I’m not saying we have to have the door open while we work, or that we shouldn’t protect our time – exactly, we should.

When you are pursuing and planning your biggest steps, you should protect your time. You are as valuable as your time, there should be no question about that. But, if your time isn’t aimed at your biggest dreams, your highest goals, you may be wasting it. If your passion is engaged you will attract what you want, if your passion is elsewhere it is a good sign that you have another area that is more interesting to you and better to put your energies there.

In the above quote, “not harming others” may seem like a logical route, but are you focused enough on not harming yourself? This is something most of us overlook on a daily basis. Do you wear seatbelts, protective clothes (rain, cold)? Do you cover your ears when you hear a loud noise? Sunglasses? I’m not going to tackle shoes – when I see a woman’s head bobbing crazily as she walks I don’t have to look at her shoes to know she’s wearing very high heels!

How do you protect yourself from yourself? How do you let yourself know you’ll be there for you, your love is certain, your time secure. Well, start by being a mind at peace, centered on your true vision and you’re on your way.

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