Looking For Opportunity?

You Can Do It

Most likely you’ve been rewarded for standing in line quietly, eating what’s given and generally doing what you’re told. Then maybe you’ve been given instruction in how to stand out. How to make the fastest pitch or the best jump. Maybe you’ve been given instructions for acing something by stepping on someone else’s toes, or going behind their back.

Life is full of these contrasts and sometimes it’s hard to maneuver smoothly through the contradictions life throws your way.

Do you find yourself thinking you can’t do something you read about? When you see headlines about people getting thousands of dollars from an internet business does a voice inside you negate that possibility for you? Do you then get angry and think they must know something you don’t or they’ve got some unfair edge?

I’m hoping for you that you read information about success and think – yes, that’s me! But most of us need more help than that. Most of us need to get supportive and encouraging actions to be able to say, “I could do that if I learned how!”

Would you be willing to take a chance on yourself? Give yourself a chance to find out what you can really do, who you really are? Can you imagine yourself as a leader? An expert? Well, I can.

We are all individuals. If we’re both wearing the same clothes, we look different. We can take that difference and make it work for us. We can join a group and stand out in it. We can give ourselves the chance to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. But we won’t do it alone, we all need support.

Have you been influenced by others? The difference between you and them is that they spent some time looking at who they are and what their goals are. They focused on themselves and you got their message! You can do that too. Here are some initial steps:

1) Look around you. Are people you’re associating with happy and self-motivated? Do they have a positive mindset? You will get caught up in the mindset of your peers, so make good choices.

2) Do you know what you want (this is not as easy as it sounds)? Do you have a plan? If you are around people who don’t have a lot to do, you’ll waste time.

3) Do you know what you’re worth? You never make more money than you think you can.

When you can answer these questions, you’ll be on the path that will separate you from the herd. You’ll be on your way to your dreams and you can’t do anything without your dreams.

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