Poetry Month

Poem About My Dog Toby

He’s not asking for forgiveness, my Toby
Sorry he may be for putting his back out
Jumping the fence and running for two hours.
But that is past. What’s passed can be
A second ago. It’s passed. Past. My Toby
Lives only in the moment.
His blinking eye ticks off the seconds, the minutes
Until his next fling. He’s not counting.
He doesn’t count the vet bill. The dog officer’s call.
The $250 bill from the hosts of a party where
He ate so much salmon and steak. All wild caught
And grass fed. This moment is the only
Moment for my Toby. And if you are counting
You are in the past. Toby is present. Here. Now.

Pam White

isn’t he just the cutest?????

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