My cat doesn’t have to be told to notice anything.

When she’s being petted the way she likes, she purrs and holds still. When something is happening she doesn’t like or that frightens her, she moves away. She can move away very fast. If she wants to be petted in the middle of the night, she scratches me. If she wants me to roll over, she pushes and scratches me. If she wants to be fed at say four in the morning, she bites my feet.

It’s pretty simple. She knows what she wants and she finds her way to it.

How do you do? My mother made me say that as a greeting to people I met for the first time. The answer was usually a lie. “I’m fine and how are you?” Were they always fine. How do you answer that? And are you really that way? Whatever you said you were?

Don’t give the news that’s fit to print, tell it like you feel it. My cat knows how she feels. How do you feel?

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