My horse loves me and I love my horse. His name is Sanne which means Lilly in the section of Holland called Friesland. yes, he’s a Fresian. One of those beautiful black horses who shows up as the equine heartthrob in lots of movies. He is a heartthrob. He’s all heart. And he has a good mind and a will as well as a willingness. Here we are

and here he is with his trainer – we are both the loves of his life, he has chosen us and we believe in him

well, you can’t see Brandi so well, but you can see DeAnna, one of his favorite dancers.

He loves to dance, to perform, to piaffe and passage and be the beautiful horse he is.

when I first saw him as a three year old, he looked out of his stall – I wasn’t looking for a horse – and gave me the impression that I had to get him. As a young horse not sure of himself he was happy to canter in the woods under my direction, spend time hanging out. But then this Portuguese Dressage trainer from Sardinia came to our barn and wanted to ride him. I said sure and watched my young horse turn into a master performer before our eyes – other women in the barn were swooning!
J.P. wanted to take him in training – I said no, but from that day forward Sanne and I were not happy in the woods – and what I had to tell him was not enough. He wanted a master, he wanted to be told what to do and he wanted Dressage.

The mystery of it all is – How would I know? I followed my gut which led me to him, I’ve always done the best I can and he has too, but I never could have conceived of him as he is now. And I only got here by listening to him, and to me. I wanted nothing of dressage, it was so clear to me although it took time and when I met Brandi and took a lesson I knew this was not for me, it was for him. I got off, she got on and we’re both in love with Sanne who returns every favor. That’s not the mystery. The Mystery is who each one of us is and how do we uncover ourselves in our present so we can live our future.

Today is a good day to look at what is. This is the Start Here Now section of your life!

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