Angel Cards

Every morning I take and angel card from a little bowl I got in Acoma, NM. It’s signed by M. Miller and it’s tiny, made by her thumb – or the hands of angels, which is how I look at it.

Lately I’ve been taking two. Pairing them up. It’s being an interesting juxtaposition. Yesterday it was Abundance and Purification. Today it is Play and Obedience.

Hummm. Provoking some thoughts! I went for the simple first, to be/have abundance, purity – of heart, of mind, of body – certainly makes life more felt, observed. A mindful approach is the surest way to lack of suffering, and brings clarity and joy. In fact so many words and thoughts come to me I can hardly put them in order – can’t put them in order.

They are like the meadow outside my window, so many different grasses, colors, birds, insects – but it looks so unified and whole when I observe it. Like the insects that seem to be wandering aimlessly around, letting the elements take them – and yet, when I observe their work, their houses I am astonished at the organization I see.

The same is true for play and obedience. I often take words like “obedience” and “purification” as “hard” words – or things that are hard to do and be. But what if I just saw obedience in play? What if I turned obedience into play? Then I could see the height of the leap, the circle of a hug as following a larger truth – which it is. I can have pure joy, obedient dance. Anything can be done purely and obediently – it might be fun to see how far I can go.

Thank you Angel Cards, Angels, All of You.

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