Who Are YOU

I just came across a file on my desktop I had completely forgotten about; it said, “Nobody is in a position to tell you who you are – except you.”


If my cat had seen that on the floor she would have shredded it. Rightly so. I wish she could get into my computer desktop and have at it.


My high school English teacher would have called that “jejune,” and looked at us all so smugly knowing we hadn’t a clue how to take it. He also knew we were listening at least a little because we didn’t have MP3 players anywhere near us – they would be decades away.


But back to my cat. The requirement for knowing who you are can be stated so simply, as it was above. I take credit for my own facile responses to questions asking who I am – think “Alice In Wonderland,” smoking a hooka atop the mushroom – “Who are YOU?” I’ve said quite a few things to avoid the question.


But whose business is it anyway? It’s mine, and I’ve spent a lifetime answering it, but rarely to myself. The times when I thought I answered for myself I was often looking over my shoulder and answering to some past Someone who was important at the time.


But who’s here now? Me. Even now I’m not sure I’m the first person on my list of whose opinion matters.


Pretty sad, but back to my cat. That is not her problem. Nor is it my dog’s, though she’s more apt to try. But my horse’s, he’s there looking for my truth and if he doesn’t find it he bites me, he wants me to play my way to my true self.


That’s his idea – play will lead to self. Play breeds curiosity. Play strangles habit, give Chance a chance. Rigging Play is not a good idea, let it Be. The quote my cat is resting on right now is the one she lives by – “dance as if no one is watching.”


Don’t worry how to do it, just DO it. (that’s next to her ear)



above is my horse Sanne, one of Paula’s (best) dancers.


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