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In talking with friends this month of January I notice something’s different. For many of my friends it is important not to be in the position they were in last January.

This is said assertively, without the usual list of resolutions. They are resolute. They will not… then comes the good news – what they will do.

This is good news because when I include myself in this, we all have enough programs, seminars and how-to books. In fact when one of my friends asked another if she had been to a certain seminar and could she be loaned the materials, the one who attended said, “Yes, I’ll dig them out.”

We all have enough knowledge and tips stuffed in our drawers, how do we connect our heart/mind to this pile? How can we make sense of what’s in front of us, behind us, in deep closets?

For me, I wanted to “do” something, that’s why I bought all those books, took the courses, listened scribbling notes in large rooms and strange locations. I want to shift and grow and keep growing. I nosh on help like chips, I don’t feel full so I take more.

Now I’m hearing from those I’m in touch with that we’re in Oz and we all have what we need, we just need a little help to incorporate what we know.

Dorothy: “Now which way do we go?”
Scarecrow: “Pardon me, this is a very nice way>”
Dorothy: “Who said that?”
Scarecrow, pointing the other way: “It’s pleasant down that way, too.”
Dorothy: “That’s funny, wasn’t he pointing the other way?”
Scarecrow, pointing both ways: Of course, some people do go both ways.”

“Wherever you go, there you are.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Let’s all have a good journey.

4 thoughts on “Random Sample

  1. I agree. Things are different.

    I too am feeling good and confident knowing that finally “I am done with that” about many things.

    All we have is the journey and it can be easy if we just let it be.

    So thank you for the gentile reminder.

  2. Good thoughts. I think what attracts me to seminars, opportunities for “help” or whatever (e.g. things such as a very promising class called Breaking Into Blossom http://www.horsedancing.us/blog/breaking_into_blossom/), is the chance to explore stuff with others. It’s as much about the community, the give ‘n’ take, as it is about the material. “Let’s learn together” is always seductive to me, even when I’m in the mood to stretch or implement what I’ve already gathered (which is a lot)!

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