April Is Poetry Month!

I’m going to put some poems here – these are ones I wrote many years ago –

The Next Step

I took four steps once.  And then I did it again.
As long as there are three in front, I’m good.
Steps, that is.  I no longer hold my breath,
I look at my feet when they begin to move.

I make sure they are headed where I want to go,
then I get there as fast as I can.

It’s taken me years to complete a step
but that’s how it is and I like it that way.
At this speed I can see the holes pretty clearly
I can avoid the larger of the holes and ruts
though I can stagger for days. Where I go is truer
than where I was when I started.







this is me some years before I wrote the poem.

This Is Grace

One single Being reaches out.
collects another.
They become a world.
That’s me on the right, aren’t I lucky? That’s my oldest friend Debbie on the left. I have another oldest friend, Bill, but no one took a picture of us until we were older. I’ll include that one day.

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