Happy Easter!

And Happy Birthday to me and anyone who has a birthday today or one that ever has or ever will fall on Easter!

My Easter Poem

Easter wishes from my heart – the birth of a

Dance Idea Painting – or anything like a

boy girl fawn kit kitten hatchling cria calf pup cub cockerell nymph whelp foal colt filly larva chick shoat farrow piglet fry fingerling tadpole billy gosling joey duckling owlet peachick lamb spiderling poult signet

Is a Birth

and if there is a birth, there is a re-birth from life and from death

There are two sides, passage is brief as growth is strong

We are Mites and Miracles

We are song, We are Sung, We Sing

My Heart Sings, Soars this Easter Day we are all a Song

We share a day, our breaths entwined – every one

Happy Easter

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. A day late ,but Happy Birthday! All these years that you ALWAYS remember my birthday. No guarantees, but I will try. April 8th. One day before my mother’s (today) Great to talk ! Soon againI hope. LOVE!

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