Flying The Coup

This morning the dogs did what they have been studying and wanting to do for some time. For two years they have watched Cho hop the fence. Easier for a Galgo Espanol than a couple of muscled Greys and a chunky Jack.
I’ve noticed Guinnie looking at Cho and moving her body, cocking her head – looking to my human eye like she’s trying to figure it out. Jules runs after Cho as he scales the fence, all bark and teeth. Jules wants to stop him or at least not have to see him. But I thought I saw him doing some stretching exercises yesterday – maybe last week, too. Cho just looks at them like he’s the Man. He looks at me that way too when I try to outrun him barefoot in the morning dew. He just dances up to the fence and pops over. Done.
Well this morning I saw them all fly over while I was making tea. They sailed across the fence and out into the farmer’s field hardly stepping on the muddy ruts – hope that means their feet won’t be so muddy.
I couldn’t believe I was seeing Liam in such a leap – he was airborn! Mouth open, ears flying, the only Jack Russell to have scaled such a height. All his back was muscled and his hair flying in the wind of his creation. It was a beautiful sight. And the greyhounds were only a little in front of him. Not the leaps and bounds behind he usually is. What an amazing spectacle they all were. They flew around above the house – taking Cho’s line of “whaddya going to do about it?” to new heights before they took off to parts unknown.
Well luckily I have a friend with a small plane, called him and he’s on his way. We’re going to get up to a few hundred feet and see if we can see them and where they might have gone.
To be continued….

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