Body Art

I remember in third grade being the only one who didn’t know a certain song – that Everyone knew. And it was that same year that Linda Varney asked me to touch her tongue with mine at the drinking fountain. I did. She said I was the only one who would do it. She’d asked around. And then some years later someone said they’d give me some money if I asked the bio teacher what was missing in the crotch of the mannikin on her desk. I got the money.
I cannot tell you how many such incidents filled my school years but, yes, I was ready to try stuff.
And when I got my 4 x 5 camera and wanted to try it out, well there I was, wasn’t I? So I held it out as far a my arms would go – they aren’t all that long – and click. Too shy to ask someone to model, I guess. Remember I was on the doing side, not the asking. Asking is a life-long task – a thing confounded. The wallflower in me craves the wall.

Start with a shot, then go for it.

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