Old Lessons = New Life

Inspired by my friend Jon and his camera lessons, I started remembering my days of manual photography. Starting when I was eight, that’s all I knew. I hadn’t held an automatic until I got digital. Then, complaining all the while about lack of flexibility, I succumbed to the digital age.

So it felt amazingly freeing to go out yesterday and use some of the old techniques I had learned. I was fascinated! I put the camera on “manual” everything and played. Of course there were more than a few moments where I waited for the camera to do the thing I had got used to – but those were just moments.

Is there something you knew how to do that you still know. Something you haven’t thought about? Can you be inspired? Tell me. Write me a note, a comment and I’ll pick one and send a print of something old/new to you.

2 thoughts on “Old Lessons = New Life

  1. I used to know how to live. I no longer know how. I used to be a fun, energetic, crowd loving person. I have crawled into a shell and locked the world out because of depression. I want to find the key to get out, find the world again. Love life. That’s what I used to know and I want to learn over again. You’re blogs inspire me and are a huge help. Thanks Pam!

  2. I discovered your blog recently, and I love it! Both your art and writing speak to me–make me smile with delight and give me much to think about. Thank you for sharing your work.
    What I still know how to do but have set aside for a long time is dying wool with natural plant dyes. I got out my old books recently and am looking forward to summer and gathering the plants to work some color magic once again.
    Cynthia R

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