How Can I Help?

Often I run around trying to think of what to do, who to help, where to go and I forget to take a breath, look around and see what’s there.

What is here is often what I need to do. Learning from Niki here in the photo, I could, for instance, take a walk, hop, run around. Good ideas. Yesterday and today my energy hasn’t been what I’m used to and I found myself doing jumping jacks in the bathroom before I was really awake. Don’t know about that for advice and definitely not great for me in front of a mirror – but it got me a little farther along than I might have been.

Back to Niki. I have yet to see him do jacks or see a horse in a pasture doing calisthenics – not that some couldn’t benefit – but the point is closer to home. Can I help you if I’m not being helped? Right – we all know that, particularly when someone reminds us.

I spend a lot of time looking for connection. Looking for spirit, to be happy and useful and all those things endlessly written about  – nothing wrong with that. But the Deal is that Niki is already tuned in. He’s just Here. Now. He’s in the big Present.

Present is what I can give you. How can I help you?

2 thoughts on “How Can I Help?

  1. Your posts are taking me back….Yes I remember the horses. racing across the orchard (apples I think) and being knocked off by a low branch! How the horses puffed out their bellys to make it harder the cinch the saddles. And lately, images of sheep on the hill to the boat house. There were sheep there right? And you RUNNING down that SO steep hill with me cautiously behind. You were always so fearless! Me…not so much.

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