Spring Flowers

Nature’s deeply rooted impulses are what I walk in and around upon stepping outside. Step by step I can reflect upon the confusing abundance of effort, action and just sheer thoughtless presence. This tulip came up where Paula and Bimala planted it. It reacts to its surrounding soil, water conditions and so on. It wouldn’t look like this necessarily in another location.

Nor would I. Or you, wherever you are. Transformation is a word we often use to mean big things but it happens every millisecond we are alive – and, continues after death. It’s one of the most normal of experiences. We don’t give it much thought – and the tulip could care less.

The tulip’s actions to growth can be captured step by step in slow-motion. What would your slow-motion movie show? The microcosm bit, not the trajectory of birth to death. The one where you make the decision to…..whatever your decision is. Can you catch it before you say the word you regret? Take the food you don’t want? The step which will not benefit you? What do you look like in that moment?

Every moment, minute, hour we have choices fly by us like bosons and neutrons, we have the chance to catch the flame of our attention, take action or reaction, stabilize or destabilize. The fuse, the fuel of our transformation is how well we know who we are and what we want – our passion, our reason for taking breath.

One thought on “Spring Flowers

  1. As I get older, my thoughts go here. I look back and recall a fork in the road where I went left and, in perfect hindsight, see clearly that right would have been the better choice. I can get sad or hard on myself, but I like the thought that it’s not what matters, and I love the thought that “the tulip could care less”. Stay in the moment; it’s all there is, all that you can affect, enjoy, change.
    Thanks for the thoughtful words and the beautiful, sensuous tulip.

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