So I’m getting help with the interstitial realms of Facebook and a couple of other social media sites. Sara Friedman was recommended by Jon Katz and she is great. Just enough for me to grasp, she feeds me small bites and keeps me with her, “is that clear?” And not too strangely, she’s uncovered a part of me. I say not too strangely because I’ve experienced exposure in the “safest” of places – like this. We’re talking “about” pages. I don’t have any about pages filled in. It’s not surprising, I rarely sign my paintings. I never think of my name as part of the piece. I also (it follows in my mind as the night, the day) don’t think that telling you about me is going to solve anything or enlighten you in any way, I suppose I could say it’s all a ruse, I know exactly who I am and want to hide. But that’s not true either. What’s true is that when I’m painting or coaching I don’t know who is painting or coaching. The work gets done but I don’t feel like I did anything but listen.

Over the years I’ve contrived to sign a few pieces and I respond to my name when called – for the most part. But I’m not tied to identity – you can tell I’m not a marketer! I even have written articles on “branding,” but I don’t know much about it. I have more than two clients who are marketers whose businesses have taken off since I’ve been listening. I still don’t get it but I know how to lead into the next step. I guess that’s the way. The next step.

These guys are both still unsigned – but I respond when I hear my name called.

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