Go For Small To Get Bigger

We’re pushing to move, realtors’ open house Thursday, and besides doing a lot of weeding outside I find myself weeding inside. Today I made a stack of goingtogettoitsoon books, notebooks, and videos on internet marketing. It’s funny that they have been scattered among my English Usage, Thesaurus etc. that didn’t make it to the going pile, and now they are stacked neatly on the floor until further notice. I say funny because I’m keeping some books I’ve had for many decades and letting go of ones that I got last year.
What I realize in this process is the niche I’m fitting in to is the one I’ve been in and focussed on for most of my life. What I thought would be a quick fix didn’t pan out – I believe that is an expression from the goldrush years. Not surprising really.
I’m doing what I’ve always done. I’m interested in what has always drawn me. I’m renewing my hold on what I know and holding it closer. When I watch Paula hold her camera, it inspires me. When Jon writes about his photographs and I see him catch the light and frame a shot, I am transported.
I’m framing my niche to serve independent people doing business, call them entrepreneurs, I take a part and the whole comes along. Just like the tree and all its parts, just like the bird and its song. We are all connected and I feel full with every part of me in taking the next steps I am so happy to be taking.

I can’t separate the thing from what it is, nor do I want to.

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