Cat TV

Cats don’t need to worry about blocking input. Turning off their senses is not available, in fact it’s immaterial. Cats – and most all in what we call the animal world – have finely tuned¬†interior moderation. When we think we are being ignored by them, we are.

My cats have advised me to turn off the Twitter/Facebook/SmartPhone noise the better to listen to what’s here, what’s always been and will remain long after the rubbish middens¬†are dust; the spirit of each one of us. Long after the heart is still, long after breath is settled somewhere else, the energy of the soul expands into its next iteration.

I am ignored often by cats. Especially when I photograph, they think my efforts are futile. Why don’t I just look at the thing, whatever it is? Why do I have to put it in that silly black thing? Good question. Yet I pursue the ‘silly black thing.’ I seek them for guidance, I think they are right about looking through a lens to see what is in front of me. I think I look through the lens like Alice. Looking for something I’m not finding anywhere else.

But I don’t part with the cats much. A few scuffles about our world views – not too divergent, really. We think along the same lines when it comes to the economy, military-industrial complex and so on. We really agree for the most part. It’s just I’m human and must defer to my nature, as they to theirs. We are true, the both of us, and I regard their advice and support as life giving – and I pick up yummy things for their creature comforts – bits of yummy snacks and heated beds.


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