We surround ourselves with beauty. We took a house and land that was empty, weeds  chest high, unloved for a few years and made it a home. People stopped by to thank us. They told us what a great job, how beautiful, how glad they were to see care and love added back to the house. We planted trees, built stone walls, local stones for pathways to the house. Each tree planted for grace, for protection and privacy. The house was standing alone and we put a garage with my studio and an apartment for our wonderful friend Barb who we lured from the Vineyard.

What can I say – you get the picture, we made it nice. We love it.

Now it’s on the market – as they say – for all sorts of reasons. People tramping in it. Speculating, so far no hearts beat faster the way ours did. The last bunch this weekend. They say it’s this and that, worth this amount in their eyes, no more. Too whatever, not enough what. I am crestfallen to hear all the words – I just had to check my e-mail on my stupidphone while I am elsewhere. I continue home, walk in the door – this brave magic – and on the kitchen table I find a note in my youngest daughter’s handwriting,

“Take one step at a time

there’s no need to rush

It’s like learning to fly

or falling in love

It’s gonna happen when

It’s supposed to happen . . .”

Yes, like love.

3 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. dear Pam dear Paula, dear childrens
    you are so wonderful all toghether, we love you so!
    Please don’t are too sad about changing your wonderful house, you are moving on…there are new ways, new wonderful homes expecting you for beeing enchanted by your charme, energy, ideas, strongness.
    Best whishes to you in this strange days of ending story and for a good beginning from our deeply heart.
    Hope you did already find a nice place round area, please write us soon us possible, if we can help you
    Yosy, Werner, Gita, Chandra Kala

    • thank you for your letter
      we are fine, just have ups and downs
      we have found a very beautiful place we would like to move to and now we need someone who loves our house to buy it
      it will all work out the way it is supposed to and we are all together in it
      both girls have had good years and are having a good summer
      we miss you all and think with love of last year when we had so much fun with Gita and Giuseppe
      we look forward to seeing you again soon
      with great love from all of us to all of you, Pam

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