Like It Is

When I read other people’s writing I am so grateful to them for having shared their experience – when they share their strength and hope I’m so deeply grateful. Right now I just want to fill myself up somewhere else. I want to still the maelstrom of my mind with OPW – other people’s wisdom. I sat down to write because the other hasn’t been working for me. I had a moment of light when I asked myself that question, “So, how’s that working for you?” While I hate it I do find it can be effective!

I put these hearts up for me, I’m giving myself heart hugs and breathing space. I don’t know why I need so much but I do and I’m going with that even though it’s a little embarrassing. I feel like “enough already” but enough already hasn’t happened.

Liam is right here, my companion, he gets it and still responds to the moment of the cat outside, the walk about to happen, the squirrel or the car going for a ride. He’s always present and present isn’t always peaceful. And that’s how it is.

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