Body Mine

Body Mine 2

My cells congregate

I am without knowing who I am

Without needing to know

I fill in the blanks

Mark the angles, lighten the dark and

darken the light.  Make it more interesting

Or less.  My lungs breathe

I don’t breathe them.

My fingers weave the me; the new me, the old me

They don’t care, aren’t involved, can’t see.

I am who I am without knowing who I am.

The body is still mine.

One thought on “Body Mine

  1. I don’t know why but your lines help me to see the meenings behind that your art (body “in dark” half corpus half clouds of smoke)
    thank, love Yosy & family
    (I always reed your mails with great plesure. They give me daily inspiration, calm me down to the essential/ human values of life)

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