The Cat’s Choice

Being contemplative. Seeking. Allowing.

Some years ago when my son Ben was going through a hard time and looking for stability and partnership in himself and his life we had some long walks where I was living on the Vineyard. His philosophy was very much on his mind, and reading the book of his thoughtfulness was very available. It was a great window for me to know him and I felt blessed to be able to be with him.

One of the things that struck me most was a concept I’m still trying to “get.” One day we were talking about his ease with finding friends, lovers, relationships of all kinds. He told me a friend had asked him for advice getting girls, what action or line made Ben so successful. My ears perked up, what would he say?

“Be the mouse.”

So, okay, I’m still working that one. But this morning as I sit with what has been going on in my life, what I had been planning and what has planned me and feeling the force of the wave of my life, his words come back. Be the mouse. It brings me back to the fulcrum of effort and allowing. Action can be resistance. Action can be the paddle in the water that gets me through the swell, not stuck in the pull of the water but taking my own direction.

Letting go of a certain attitude of readiness, letting willingness not will be action. Focus is important here, intention. If I can be willing, I can be taught. If I am on purpose, I am action.

These are not rights and wrongs, they are ways of Being and being afloat not adrift is the operative word I think I’m seeking. Willingness to Be, fluent, creative.



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