In the insidest interstice of a flower were ants walking around. I thought I was exploring the bounds of the beautiful but I tiptoed into a world as unknown to me as any I know I don’t know.

I am waiting for blackberries. In photographing things I want – tomatoes, kale, peaches, strawberries, I came upon flowers. When I saw the ants I felt like I was on the sea floor seeing something deep down.

Spriglets of kale. Waiting for me. I’m waiting for them.

I made these rabbits in first grade. I was looking for something I knew. I was questing for the familiar feel, something I could express with confidence. It’s what I still do in my art. I express what I feel, what surrounds me, what may or may not be visible if you were to visit me. People always look at my surroundings and expect my studio walls to reflect it. A long time ago one of my favorite cartoonists – Gahan Wilson – published a book of his drawings entitled, “I Paint What I see.” I’ve always felt a kinship with him.

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