Long Shot

There are a lot of times when I feel like I’m looking down the long side of a rectangle when I think about what I “have” to do. That’s when I know I’m taking myself too seriously. I’m pretty sure when I’m doing that I’m taking you too seriously too.

Sometimes when I let go I know I’ve got something I want to keep, other times I feel the wind in my ears as I take the deep dive into an abyss. When is it fruitful and when is it a loss. If I could figure that out I would never know. I might think I know but I always remember an accountant who, when I asked about loosing money to a bad investment replied, “I hope I’ve lost a few thousand here and there, I’d rather have taken a chance than held onto everything to know the outcome.”

I put a leaf on this lap, one fell moments later, and the wind blew another – but who’s counting?

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