Lammas┬áis here. It’s hot and it happens to be green and lush, not always the case at this time of year. I’m aware of the season, heaviness in the air, stems drooping with the weight of fruits – knowledge of what a plant is if you didn’t know by now. It is by our fruits that we are known; plants, us. The bees know where to go and if I let myself I do too.

This morning I took myself here and through the lens I wasn’t sure where I was. This felt womblike and I thought of hearts, my heart, your heart and the readiness of the beat. I woke this morning to wonderful misty fog which led to such sharp clarity as the sun rose and gave me these photos.

There is such power in a shape well known. I can give you an image and we can both take off. We may not land in the same place, but that can be part of the journey. Faith is in the follow. If I hand you something you know – a brand like a Coke – you receive it and that’s what you get. If I give you something I created – in my case, a painting perhaps a photo – and it’s unknown to you, the exploration is an act of faith and we both have a journey.

You are here, I am here. We stand on this place, well placed, set to an inconstant star. We are mutable, malleable, perfect.

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