This photograph of Paula in a now torn down mansion in Palenville, N.Y. evokes for me the mystery and loneliness of us in our human skin. How our awareness of our surroundings comes through the filter of our lens – our mood, our history, our physical placement on this earth. We are like pinpoints, each one of us, so committed to our own point of view, it is often hard for us to pull out and see the whole of where we are and who we are with.

We are not the fixed point of the compass. We are wanderers, peripatetic of nature and soul. Unaccountable, not counting, subject to myriad winds and influences, shifting our moods, our boundaries in microseconds.

A wonderfully illuminating book about our macro/micro life is Parasite Rex which shows how mutable we are, how subject to inhabitation. It’s an eye opener to anyone who thought we had free will!

There is a quality of stability to our life, a personality, a container to get used to. A shift can be so swift and sudden, or so long in coming we hardly know how we got where we are. Awareness is a good and helpful friend but it’s not everything. Sometimes it just How It Is and we are in the game whether we asked to play or not. It is not what we have, but what we do with what we have that defines us.

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