Mystical Fire

This is a mud painting with the mud obscured. One of my fervent readers named it “Mystical Fire.” I like that name so much, I took it! I come from the mud, grew up with it but have no earth in my natal astrological chart. I got it elsewhere. The fire is in the chart, big time. And we’re all mystics. We all have a lift to our souls and hearts, we all feel the music of the spheres, the voices we share.

One of the funnest things I get to do everyday is set people on the path of their own genius. I get to show them how beautiful, how smart, how creative they are. I get to listen to the music of their minds and parse their brilliance. It’s a wonderful thing to do – I was going to say “life,” but I thought that was too much!

For me the painting shows me we are connected to that which we do not know, cannot see but feel, intuit, love. There are parts of ourselves we inhabit and other parts we travel to in moments of bliss, pain, desire. Our notion of what we can do, of what is ours never quite butts up against the real thing, the real Us. The real Us is like sunrise or sunset. It seems fleeting even though it’s there all the time. But those moments when we see ourself in that best light are the moments we let the whole trajectory of our life just be. We can rest in the knowledge that we have enough to do the next round, and the next. We trust. We believe. This is faith. It can be grasped, it can be taught, it can be anyone’s inheritance. It is within reach.

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