Words, Thoughts with or without Shakespeare

“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” So spoke the new King Claudius in Hamlet (act III, scene 3) after asking God not to forgive him for killing Hamlet’s father but to allow him to get away with it. He knows the truth and what the lie means to him and he begs to carry on as he has been.

How many times have I asked the removal of a moment’s haste, something broken or wasted. A promise or friendship, a young life given moments of doubt, of fear, a reason to hide something for the shame of it. I have often spoken with other parents and laughed self-consciously about the moment we just shared and how it might send our children to “the couch” in their futures. We also forgive and know the resilience that is in all of us.

But what about this aspect of ourselves: our words, our actions? The Vietnamese monk and meditation teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”

Carrying an attitude, a fear, an appreciation is like wearing a suit of clothes. It shows our colors, who we are that day, and, if worn with consistency, gives the mood by which we are known.

How do we want to be seen? If we don’t care or have too much care where is the authenticity. Sometimes it gets lost. When we are in appreciation mode, when we are clear within ourselves, we have a head start at being in sync with who we are, our words can be our best friends.




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