What’s Important

Honor them, love them, help them, heal them, but above all else, Pam, free them.

Everyone, of course – The Universe

Everyday I get a note from the Universe of Mike Dooley, who with his mother Sheelagh Mawe and brother Andy make up a triple threat of raucous and wonderful cosmic truth.

I met Andy virtually in a mastermind group with Rich German and loved his “take no prisoners” style of advice. His was kind of a Red Queen’s “Off With Their Heads” advice that made mine seem so sane and calm. I love the mirror of it all. Letting my clients find their way, keeping myself off their toes. It’s a dance I’m loving.

Feeling the beat, getting to know the steps, looking in the mirror when it’s a good choice. Most of all I love seeing how brilliant we humans can be when we reach for the best in us. That’s what my horse Sanne sees all the time; the best in us. My goal is that each one of us loves and respects ourselves like Sanne see us. So when we look in the mirror or the mirror of our hearts what we see is what we love.





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