With even the days getting cooler now and me waiting for Indian Summer, the sunflowers are really important.

There isn’t much to say about them. They stand tall, so tall it’s amazing to me they can do it. I feel that way about all of us. We keep showing up. We take what is here. Smell the air, feel the wind and the abundant rain. I am reminded that our words, our expression of ourself is as significant as the sunflower and as obvious. Our words, our thoughts are within us in such a way as to mark us who we are.

We never question the butterfly or the pigeon.

Who they are.

Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking, but not for very long.

Beings exercising themselves are not a mystery. Nor am I on my walk with the dog.

But diving into a flower. driving into the rain. sluicing in the warm effluent of life.

There is mystery. And why does the butterfly come to certain flowers?

Why does my eye catch the light


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