Sometimes I see myself as so distracted and distractable when I am tasting or experiencing. I notice it’s hard to watch the whole sunset or eat the whole peach and be mindful of the taste or the beauty the whole time. In my reading I’ve come across this complaint a lot so I know I’m not alone.

When I took the photo of the butterfly in the sunflower I was able to get very close. There was little else for the butterfly than the flower. I had to get very close to get in her way. My explanation for this is that she is obeying a call, an instinct and my mind is full of distractions. I know it’s more complicated than that and also, it isn’t.

In my world of animal connection I see dedication to Being, efficiency of purpose, and acceptance of the moment. My human connections often seem confused about what to do next. We are so distractable which can make us so inefficient in the pursuit of our goals. We can be blown off course so easily.

We are not so unlike an instinctual being who knows exactly what to do. We do actually know exactly what to do. We just don’t know we know. The butterfly doesn’t seem confused by the complication of the sunflower. She knows how to pick her way through it to find what she wants and needs. I believe we also know.  I believe we can learn trust, allow direction and tame confusion. Complexity is our strength and commitment is our great instrument.

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