All the News Fit For Liam

Liam likes to hum, “there’s a kind of hush all over the world tonight,” he loves everyone and he wants love to be the main force in the world. He asked me to sing him the song that most described love in the world and that was what I remembered. He’s very pleased.

One of the many things about Liam that is so ineffably outrageously awesome is the way he snuggles next to me. When we saw him in a barn – he was 6 weeks old – on the Vineyard and the man who owned the barn and lived with Liam’s cousins, aunts and uncles said to me, mostly with body language, “in bed at night they get close as they can, it’s wonderful.” He was a tall, thin and taciturn man, a man so reserved that I had met him many times and never heard him speak. But he spoke for the dogs in his care. His whole frame melted when he patted his backside and showed me where his dogs snuggled. I got a whole new view.

And Liam will do that. He’ll give you a whole new perspective. Even me, with the song. I never much cared for Herman’s Hermits but when that song came up for Liam, well, I had another take on it.

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