Exquisite Chicken

expression of inquiry

eyes focus one at a time

want to know who I am

me too

inquisitive, exquisite, remarkable

chicken with a friend.

Her friend is a girl, very small, very particularly focussed on the chicken, whose name is Roxy. The girl will often sit and hold Roxy. She will hold her and Roxy will cluck and coo and chicken-gurgle. The girl knows when Roxy is going to lay an egg and she will sit there – both shes – and sit and sit until the egg is laid.

I have the feeling this chicken Roxy is living longer than a chicken usually gets to because she has company when she’s vulnerable. She has companionship when she is in the midst of her work. I’m told by those who live with chickens for their livelihood that a chicken’s life is short, perhaps two years, and they sometimes die while laying an egg. The girl says it takes Roxy about half an hour to lay an egg.

I’m impressed.

One thought on “Exquisite Chicken

  1. This is really wonderful—the perspective in the photograph, the verses that follow it, and the musings on companionship and vulnerability. I took care of our little backyard chicken flock from when I was only seven or eight, and this brought back memories—the quiet of the coop, the look of a chicken held close to you with its head pivoting to take you in, the peacefulness of waiting with a bird that is almost never hasty. Our chickens always outlasted their alleged two year lifespan, and I never stopped to wonder why—you’ve given me a reason, and a comforting one. 🙂

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