4’s and 9’s

I think a lot about “who’s here.” What does that mean? Another Pamism. Yawn. But, really, who am I at different points in my day, my life? What am I presenting? Who is asking? Who is looking? Who cares? In a speech I gave about ritual a few weeks ago at a Toastmasters meeting I started with some gestures I thought showed the subject. When I saw people taking a break and waiting for me to get started, it was quite clear to me how ineffective I was being.

That moment was a gift. Being able to learn a lesson in a safe place is rare. Being able to learn any lesson is a wonderful gift. How many of us give ourselves the opportunity for growth? The reason I put the numbers at the heading is because I noticed that many people who are drawn to my Insight Coaching practice currently are approaching either a midline or an end of a decade. Thirty-four, forty-four, forty-nine, fifty- nine, sixty-four and so on.

I thought it not so odd that when we reach a certain point in an age, we want to reach out and touch it. Feel the feelings of that age, prepare for what is to come. Give sense and meaning to what we’ve done, what is behind us. We can become very interested in how we come across, what is it we really want to do, to be. How can we be who we want to be, how can we even know who that is?

The strategies for this are fairly simple, getting to the action steps can be more complicated and that is the interesting (sometimes like the Chinese curse) and wondrous look in the mirror to set our course and keep it going Рand going. If you think about it, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on us!  We are unique and each of us is needed to be counted. We are here, after all.

Oh, and that’s Tashi who ever only was who he was and is ever in my heart for who he is.

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