Rampage of Appreciation

This is what I want to invoke.


for my daughter:

Let the music begin, this symphony, your life

let the sun shine in

wake in love, seek the corners of your Self

the one you’ve been waiting for

the one you’re in, the one there Is.

Let the bell ring for your every breath

for the bell is an angel of awareness, of bliss

for this life you have, this chosen world.

May the strength of your beliefs match conviction,

make of your heart a place of allowing

make your breathing each breath a prayer.

And then

Let it all out, invent new places in your heart

sing new songs, reach without touching

kiss the goddess in you

sleep in the ocean deeps of your love and rise to the bluest sky.

There is not one Way.

There is not one anything.

There is only you and your only life.




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