What counts and who’s counting

Saturday and Sunday my studio was Open. I was there, in it, anticipating the company of interested, open minds and hearts. Usually in my studio I am alone. I am the open mind and heart – if I’m where I want to be.

Being open implies vulnerability, preparedness, a certain faith. I brought that in as well as organizing paintings, putting prices up (read Enormous out of my court effort), making cards so everyone who came took something away.

What I tried not to let in the door were expectations, fear-based attention to my flaws and any neediness-based self aggrandizement.

So with my heart and my door open I sat in the gallery of my studio noticing my inclination toward discomfort in my own skin/space.

I got to practice what I preach and notice that I’m a good student of my beliefs. When the wonderful people who came by ¬†walked in I was so happy to see them and happy to answer questions and give my thoughts about my work. I got to know myself better, I drank the wonderful cider from the Farmer’s Market and ate the outstanding cake that Paula brought as a welcoming gift. I sat with comfort and discomfort, nervousness and competence.

It was a full two days. I’ll probably put together an art sale in December. See friends. Have fun.

Thanks to you all I have a bigger heart and more space in it.

Even if I felt like this at times!

One thought on “What counts and who’s counting

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, Pam. I’m very sorry that things came up so we weren’t able to come by after all, but I’m happy to read that your open studio weekend was so lovely. I hope to come out to your art sale in December.

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