Heart in Hooves

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. {sic}
~ Winston Churchill ~

Four Horses (excerpt)

by David Whyte

On Thursday the farmer
put four horses
into the cut hay-field
next to the house . . .Since then I see
their curved necks
through the kitchen window,
sailing like swans
past the pale field.Each morning
their hooves fill my
open door
with an urgency
for something
just beyond my graspand I spend my whole
day in an idiot joy,
writing, gardening,
and looking
for it

under every stone.I find myself
wanting to do
stupid and lovely . . .I hear the whinny of
their fenced and abandoned
and feel happy
in the field
of my own making,writing non-stop,
my head held high,
ranging the boundaries
of a birthright


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