When what is in focus is clear and when what is not in focus is clearly not visible there is a kind of justice and peace available. We can’t always see everything clearly, can’t always know what is ahead. Just as well most of the time. The moment is the most important and informative thing we have. When we reach from the present moment, any given present moment, we are more likely to achieve what we want. Takes vision of a goal, for sure, that’s where the looking ahead comes into play.

When I was growing up I would walk around with my father. Most every Saturday and Sunday he would walk his fields, his property. We would go out on the river, see how everything was doing. Check the valves of the pumps in the caves where we got our water. Check the height of the river upstream, see the sandbars and pilings. (the great bundled trees the Army Corps of Engineers pounded into the river’s banks to keep the channel open for barges)

We would count the turkeys, chickens and geese, the sheep against predators. It was a moment of clarity in our relationship. There was a yes and a no. A warning or an all clear. That was about the only time life was like that, his or mine. Though he never started drinking until five – his rule and the measure he and everyone took of his mind – the rest of the day was preparation for that drink.

When I feel tuned by something outside of me instead of in tune with who I am, my environment, the love of the day, the light, I know that’s a nudge to get right again. Like a sailboat needing a new tack to catch the wind, change direction. My father helped me with that, he was so clearly wrong. No subtlety, no wishyness, he was a wise man or not.

As thanksgiving comes I think of him and thank him for his clear message. “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.” He got that right.

I’m on the left, the hottie on the right is my best friend. She and I were born a few months apart and she’ll cry and laugh when she reads this! We had the time of our lives together.

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