Maggie is a cat you won’t see much, or you’ll think you’ve seen her because she has a twin in our household – unrelated – another black, double-pawed ladycat of the same age and who is entirely different. Maggie is a force. Every night when we “play” the cats out of our bedroom, saving it for the two who reside at night; Ivy and Pachi, Maggie appears a bit later. She is welcome.

Here’s the scene. Pachi at seventeen is now very frail. A tiny cat in her youth, weighing in at 5 pounds max, she can hardly shake herself without falling over. Other cats take their advantage. The youngest love to throw their considerable weight at her. So, in order to protect her and for me to be able to sleep with her on top of me, as we have for all her years, we keep her separate with us.

Now before we did this if you can imagine Precious leaping onto my chest/stomach from the windowsill above me to scare Pachi at say two or three in the morning. Right, it wasn’t long before Precious slept somewhere else. Then we got Ivy. She had to be protected too. She and Pachi seemed to get along at first then, as the other cats picked on her, she picked on Pachi AND we noticed pee on the bedding. You never notice pee on the bedding when you are wide awake and ready to do the laundry. No, pee on the bedding happens whenever it happens but isn’t noticed until you’re way past tired.

So now, Ivy sleeps in the bathroom very cosily and Pachi on me. It doesn’t end there. Pachi can’t go the whole night without food and water. She wakes me up to go into the bathroom so I can feed her and she can drink. That gives Ivy a chance to attack. So I stay with them until Pachi is finished.

I know you’re going to say why don’t I leave food in the bedroom for Pachi. Right? Well, of course, Liam sleeps with us too. Haven’t mentioned him yet, ubiquitous Being that he is – wow, talk about materializing, no one has that down like Liam! And he would love to “share” in Pachi’s food. Which he does anyway and quite a lot.

Do you know what goes on in your household all night? Can you tell me about it?

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  1. oh…there it is! cats are trying to sleep at night in our house and give us the hairy eyeballs when we wake them (I try to tiptoe and keep lights off)

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