Far Out

We used to say “far out” in the seventies when we meant “awesome” or “epic!” It’s a way of defining an all-out action. I came across these photos which reminded me to live a full out, far out life. Reach way beyond my grasp, nevermind steadiness, it’ll work itself out.

That’s Paula’s dancer DeAnna Pellecchia¬†and my horse Sanne. They both give it all.

I gave a talk at Toastmasters today about a meditation strategy I’ve been teaching and practicing. And yes, I am equating dance and meditation – most everything can be equated, related. There is no one among us who cannot give their All.

The strategy is simple. Breathing in, say to yourself, “Just.” Breathing out say to yourself, “This.” For ten minutes. Then hold your hand to your heart. Ask, “Who am I?” “What do I want?”


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