Let’s Begin

December is the month we think of as the last month of the year. And it is the birth of new light. New beginnings. As the garden is put to bed and we take to ours, we sow the seeds of our next moment.

Within each moment there is room for space. Even when your mind looks as dense as you think it can get, there is room. Have you ever looked through a microscope to see cells teeming and squirming? And when you shift the focus, turn the wheel to see deeper and deeper, even in a droplet of water, something else appears, another entity teeming that you couldn’t see before the focus deepened.

You see where I’m going. Even when everything looks packed, slammed shut and frozen, there is space. Space to be, to grow, to be malleable. Nothing is fixed, even the compass point wobbles.

We are sleeping, we are awake. The light is here. The light is gone. We are here. We are no longer. If we are going to matter, we must be ourselves. Then we will heed love and that will always be here. Let us begin.

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