New Year

What if I can’t wait to see what will happen, will the moment wait, will the day or the night decide I’m a special case, specially selected to receive a picture of the whole year in front of me?

Would I ask for more? Would I give up? Give in? Say, “Is that all there is?” I often do that with my horoscope. I get one every year. I listen. I forget. I’m overwhelmed and under, too. How can I be both. I am. I just am.

Sometimes I listen later. Find out, “Oh, THAT’S what she meant.” Then I forget again. Too much information. Not enough. Don’t understand. Or want to. Maybe I can’t. Shouldn’t and can’t because I shouldn’t. Don’t because I can’t.

Guess I’ll take it one day at a time. Guess that’ll be what I get because I just found out I’m not eligible for the whole picture.

Good thing. Maybe I get a chance to be a guide.

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