Begin Here 2013

It means so much to me to start out the new year with so many greetings from you all and a beautiful post by Jon Katz about his work with me.

I never quite know how to write about my lifeguide and coaching but it is one of the most important parts of me. Right up there with children, animals and art – so you can see I’m serious!

I think of the process as being like a painting. Begins with a “what shall we do here?” and gets filled in, changed, directed and re-directed, somehow always keeping to a strong and steady course.

I have a poem I wrote many years ago about relationship, many have seen it, here it is again. It speaks to me the nature of relationship, to ourselves and each other and everything we see or feel or touch. That there is in each day in each other a capacity for intimacy, for change, renewal and the strength that comes with growth. It is my wish for the new year that we find in ourselves the mercy that comes with appreciation, with acceptance, with love.



The years hold us together

woven like twill undulating with daily browns

and greys making subtle the infrequent red,

the bright yellow, the hazy magenta.

Soft in our designer’s art we weave

the matrix we are, tie off our seams and send runners

out where new patterns are hoped for. I have pulled

a thread or two, cut a seam too thin and had to go

back, years later with new thread to patch it.

Once I threaded some bright orange wool, newly spun

into the old pattern and found a perfect match.

The blacks of years past melt into the present

soft grey like fields of heather and poppies.

We are intertwined, no form or color bears more

importance than the fabric of our bond.

Today seems a day for earth tones but I find myself

twirling strands of a deep vermillion in my hands.


and yes, the painting, Flying Over The River, is for sale. It is 29″ x 19″ framed. Acrylic & pastel with mud from the Missouri River. We can talk about the price.

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