Laila Rose

Our daughter Bimala and her husband Jeff welcome their daughter January 4th at 1:34 am. We are all a bit tired. We are all fully in joy.

Babies are like glue. Their lovely dependency, their innocence is intoxicating. Everyone knows they grow into their powers quite quickly. But in the moment they enter our hearts, they are at their highest and lowest powers. They need us the most. Their gentle necks, their tiny toes and delicate ears weave a tapestry of love and support we never intend to fray. Our hearts set a course, we all need help, we all confirm our support, the circle forms.

With our pledges set, we lay the course of love no matter what. And whatever happens – wether the “f-ed up” happens as in James Taylor’s song “Alex,”

“The sun shines on this funeral
The same as on a birth
The way it shines on everything
That happens here on earth
It rolls across the western sky
And back into the sea
And spends the day┬╣s last rays
Upon this fucked-up family
So long old pal . . .”

or something as gracious as loving acceptance – often indistinguishable from the “f” word.

Let us all praise children. And families. And the love of life which each of us embraces when we smile at a baby whether the baby smiles back or not.

2 thoughts on “Laila Rose

  1. Congratulation!!
    we are so happy, be warmly welcome Laila Rose, lovely baby.
    Love to Bimala & Jeff
    Love to Chandrika little auntie (!), love to you Paula/ Pam, we are sure, you would be the nicest grandparents!
    Love hope to see you all soon
    Yosy, Werner, Gita & Chandra Kala

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