Bloody Mary in South Pacific gets to sing the most important message of the musical.

“Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,Talk about things you’d like to do,You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream,How you gonna have a dream come true?”

I took the photo above at Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street movement’s active phase in that location. Occupy’s dream is still going on. It looks different. It may sound different but it’s still there.

We also, each one of us, has to make up our own mind to follow our heart, to find our way. But not knowing yourself, your own individual dream is a nightmare. It’s bumper cars of the heart and mind. Fun if you are spending an aimless afternoon, not fun an aimless life.

An open and gentle persistence, an affair of your heart with your self, your goals, intentions and values makes life worth living. Follow-through, follow-up supports a wholehearted life. Do you have the courage to be good enough to yourself to support a whacky idea? Are you your BFF?

and it all begins with YOU!

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