Persistence – 2

A dog will persistently work on a bone or toy until they get what they want. They do not easily give up when faced with a challenge.  In our lives, we need to have the same approach.  We need to be persistent in making ourselves the best versions we can be. Life is about being present and letting things unfold in their own way and time.

Giving up is one of the fundamentally easiest things humans do in their lives.  We constantly face challenges, from remedial daily tasks to larger life changing decisions and obstacles.  Our approach to each one can drastically change the outcome, for better or worse.  You can have a positive attitude and the will to get something done, no matter what. A negative attitude leads to giving up, moving on or not facing the challenge head on, far too often accompanied with excuses.

In my work talking to dogs I know they never give up, not on us, not on themselves. I have never heard a moment of self pity, a second of “I’m not up to it.” They run looking ahead, making choices of where to go and what to do with their eyes open. I have yet to see a dog looking so much at what’s around them, their “situation” that they lost hope or courage for their next step.*

*abuse always changes a nature – ours and theirs.

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