ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin inaugurat- ‘interpreted as omens (from the flight of birds),’ based on augurare ‘to augur.’

The part I felt was the “flight of birds!” Never in my lifetime did I think I would hear the words I heard. Seneca. Salem. Stonewall.

A lifetime of working for civil rights and the rights of minorities and women has not prepared me for this day when my own civil rights are included. So easy to hide, to step aside, to let the forces of equality pass by, I was not prepared for the words, “gay and lesbian sisters and brothers.” I was not prepared to be counted in a national trajectory – proposed or actual.

Paula and I were surrounded by wonderful Black Women, we spent the hours of waiting defending our turf and laughing at ourselves and life in general. We all chanted Obama-USA and felt proud to belong and be included in this country. We felt the newness of it and the relief that came with exposure and acceptance.

IN 1964 I identified with Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner. And later Holly Near’s song about the women’s movement. Nothing is decided about the ERA, about DOMA, climate change or racial equality, but to me it felt as if the earth changed course that day in DC when the President (POTUS) stood up and declared an intention. A dream born so many years past is given new birth.

There is much to be done, nothing is secured but the sacredness of the work ahead.
Let us go!



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