Please Update Now!

You are loved, All is well.

Get this into your head! Let it be music for your soul.

Easy words, easy to spell, to say but difficult to take in. Believe. Trust. Be.
Some years ago I was in a very cool store – it might have been Neiman Marcus and I know it was in Boston – I found myself walking quickly down some stairs, I felt very young even though I was in my late 40’s, and suddenly I found myself on a landing with these large tubes made of very big – diameter – bamboo.
I reached out to feel the smooth surface, to enjoy the tone of the wood, embedded in the wood were tiny trails of dowels, I had no idea what they were for but I felt I could hear them. Then I picked one up and this amazing sound of rain happened. I looked around expecting water, a fountain above me, behind me; nothing but what was in my hands.
The sound made me so young. So tuned and gentle and ready. I was listening and touching, awakening my cells to the sheer delight of the moment.

when all is said and done
when all there is Is
there is no pain, no sorrow
no host, no guest
so what’s all this about
this storm of life, is really a tide pool
for the child of ourself, who is here
let her in, him in, let the record show
we were here, we loved and love still
let the record sing our praise.


this is a portrait of me entitled, “When I was pregnant with My Mother.”

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